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Yoga is physical, mental and spiritual disciplines that focus on your body and mind. Tracie of Yoga With Tracie has studied a variety of styles from well respected yoga teachers in North America. In her Markham studio Tracie helps people of all walks of life feel better about their overall state of fitness and mental well being. Located in Markham Ontario, Yoga With Tracie caters to individuals and corporate environments, including the City of Markham.

In the City of Markham, the 300,000 residents enjoy the the benefits of a thriving community with an active industrial, office and high tech base. Honda, American Express, Johnson & Johnson, Oracle and more all keep the community thriving.

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Practice Yoga

Yoga With Tracie offers a variety of ways to allow you to experience the benefits of Yoga. Workshops, private classes, chair yoga and more. In Tracie’s Markham studio she determines your goals and helps you set up a program to meet those goals. She has programs for all ages including Markham seniors, yin yoga, chair yoga and more.

Yoga for Kids

You’re never too young to start experiencing the benefits of Yoga. Tracie’s extensive background in gymnastics enabled her to handle programs suited for Markham children aged 3-6, 7-11 and 12 and up. The classes help Markham toddlers and children develop strength, flexibility and balance in a healthy and fun way!

Corporate Yoga

Yoga is a perfect way to help people de-stress from busy corporate settings. Yoga classes transform the tension and fatigue of your workplace into greater productivity and alertness. Yoga With Tracie corporate packages provide immeasurable wellness in the busy corporate world. Contact your HR department in your Markham business.

Birthday Parties

For children, yoga is a safe, enjoyable and healthy way to celebrate someone’s special day. And Yoga with Tracie’s parties are fun! Children use their imagination to explore animal yoga poses. Songs, games, props along with special attention to the birthday child make this a healthy and memorable day for everyone.

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Our new studio makes practising yoga in Markham very enjoyable. We are located at 7725 Birchmount Rd, Unit 29 in Markham, L3R 9X3. We’re just north of 14th Avenue.

“Great facilitation. Tracie demos poses well and calls out instruction very clearly. I appreciate how attuned she is to participants and that she makes adjustments to improve one’s technique.”

A. Cecchetto

“It is a pleasure working out with Tracie’s yoga class.  She has very clear instruction and the work designed for the class is perfect for a lunch time break.”

L Xu